I Choked on Chick Filet

You never see hasidic jews in the news
That’s ’cause they got their shit together
You never gonna choose the hat you cannot use
In several different types of weather
And every house of the lord
There should be free room and board
And every soul saving reward is presented by a clown in a robe

Feel me or fuck me or throw me away
I’ll be reborn by the end of the day
Give me a sign baby or give me away
‘Cause I choked on chick filet

You know that God’s got seven white tuxedos
One for each day of his week
And while he’s busy damning all of those torpedoes
He sends folks like me and you’re up shit creek
Now please unhand me you brute
And now the points rendered moot
A life lived underneath your boot
Simply does not compute

Fist me or frisk me invading my space
Just let me draw the lips on your smiling face
Oh the winds of destruction are blowing this way
‘Cause I choked on chick filet

And baby I need some redemption
After maxing out my card on those two for one margarita nights
Stone cold chillaxing
What good is a rewards card when you choke on every single bite

Sometimes the cards are drown just to be discarded
This happens quite a bit when you’re dealing
It’s a game that leaves me spent and broken-hearted
And my extremities go numb without feeling
And there’s a blood moon in the sky
It laughs when pure of heart people die
It laughs when people like you and I give up and put on sixty pounds

Decisions-decisions, now what should I do?
‘Cause I’m absolutely fucked living here with you
I wanna go into the hills and hear those banjos play
Become one with chick filet

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