I Lost Control (Of My Rock n Roll)

Uchu Cult 7” vinyl single / Cassette
Released: 1996
Overall running time: 08:29 (approx.)

1 I Lost Control (Of my Rock ‘n’ Roll) (1996) [1:36 (approx.)]
2 Tiny Little Men (1996) [2:28 (approx.)]
3 Gay Bar (1996) [1:51 (approx.)]
4 I Know Karate (1996) [2:34 (approx.)]
5 The Model (1996) [Cassette Version Only]]
6 Nuclear Winter [Cassette Version Only]]

Credits: All songs written by Tyler Spencer. Produced and engineered on 8 tracks by Martin M. Recorded @ The Space Station, Detroit, MI.
Jackson Pounder – Vox, Guitars, Bass, Synth
Martin M – Drums
Photography and design by Martin M & Ken Schultz.
Logo by Stavon Nawara
Cover painting by Danny Hill
Extra special thanks to the rest of the Wildbunch:
Mojo Frezzato
Antoine Selph
Stavon Nawara
Copyright © 1996 Uchu Cult

Other information: Number of vinyls pressed – 500

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