The Wildbunch: Young As Hell (Promo Film)

/Gay Bar/

Narrator: Telephone call for the Wildbunch

Spencer: Hello?

Narrator: The Wildbunch From Detroit The Wildbunch They’re young They’re hot They’re f****d (sometimes bleeped) up out of their Gourds?

The Wildbunch From their aborted development deal with Hollywood Records to their breakfasts with Jack White

No band is younger And no other band is from Detroit

The Wildbunch

Spencer: Hello are you there? Hello Mr Miller? Mr Miller?

/The Ballade of MC Sucka DJ/

Narrator: Dick Valentine: Animal, vegetable or Catwoman (?) Thought he knew what he was doing. He was wrong.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Indian. Raised by monkeys. Early man. With the sophisticated affinity for the culinary arts and also hair care.

Surge Joebot. A man in the shadows on a never ending mission of vengeance and fun. Driven by unseen energies. Entertained by nightmare visions of a slapstick apocalypse.

Disco. The meditative, stilt jumping, gas-guzzling, heart-throbbing line backer for the Wildbunch. He’s an old English pub dweller trapped in a studio 54 world and doing pretty well, thank you for asking

M. The brains of the Wildbunch Let me just say that one more time. The brains of the Wildbunch. This explains an enormous amount.

Five men united by a common fear. One bed (?) and it might be in trouble. The Wildbunch.

Spencer: Say… I… I…

/Dance Commander/

Spencer: Most bands that go about their business actually being signed to a label or actually playing shows that make the money. Er… we haven’t really been in that position for a long time and, er…

Narrator: If you need some help and everyone else has said no, then you can hire the Wildbunch. [In the unedited version this is of what looks like a film clip; in the edited it’s of the band running about]

Spencer: And. And we look good on television, yes. We’re at the eleventh hour here. If I can’t get that money tonight then I’ve got no recourse but to kill myself.

Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen. The youngest band from Detroit, Michigan. The Wildbunch

Credits: Wildbunch: Young as Hell
A film by Surge Joebot and Martin M.
Music by Wildbunch
Edited by Surge Joebot and Martin M.
Audio edited by Martin M.
All songs written by Dick Valentine.
Voice-over written and performed by Surge Joebot.
Effects and 3D Animations by Martin M.

Cameras: Christian Fuller Rich Hanson Ben Herandez Surge Joebot Martin M.
F U T V Photos: Dougie “Boom Boom” Coombe Rock & Roll Indian Jim Nawara Lucille Nawara Martin M. C. C. Persson Special thanks: Tessa Basirico Christian Fuller Rich Hanson Ben Herandez F U T V Vincenzo X Marsha Marjieh Dr. Blacklips Hoffman Jim Nawara Laurie Pike Heather Delicato Marco Duplicato Johnny Vegas-Hentch Dion Fischer Frank Lloyd Bonaventure Jeff Klein MOESHA And all the Marks…

Wildbunch is: Dick Valentine – Vox Rock & Roll Indian – Guitar Surge Joebot – Guitar Disco – Guitar Martin M. – Bass Keyboards by Dr. Blacklips Hoffman Bass on “Dance Commander” By Frank Lloyd Bonaventure this film and all songs contained.

© 2001 Wildbunch
An UchuGrandé Octane Joint

Running Time 04:46


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