E6 Subscription Club

A new subscription club launched as part of the 2016 ‘You’re Welcome’ Kickstarter campaign and was renewed for a second and third year with the 2017 and 2018 Kickstarter campaigns.

You’re Welcome
Quarter 1
Arrive Alive (Demo) (2:19)
Heavy Woman – Live (3:44)
Plus four photos

Quarter 2
HMC (The Hotel Mary Chang) – Horn Section (1:31)
Tongue Demons (3:13)
Plus three photos

Quarter 3
Meat Grindin’ (2:56)
Sampling the Sampler (Video)
Plus six photos

Quarter 4
DWDFRMX (5:16)
Heartbeats Acoustic (2:24)
She’s a Forgery (Low and Slow RMX) (4:45)
Plus eleven photos

Chill Out

Quarter 1
Life On Earth 1.1 (Nash) (3:54)
Plus one photo, four videos

Quarter 2
Bride of the Devil (Original) (1:33)
Broken Machine (SA) (3:14)
Cat People (SF) (3:44)
Plus ‘Kickstarter Promo’ video

Quarter 3
Bride of the Devil 1.3 (1:40)
Dark Politics – Soundcheck flub Hannover (3:21)
Fucking another (SF) (3:27)
Plus eight videos

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