A Quiet Man

I’m making hardcore moves
Give me that fucking microphone
Unless the weather improves
I’ll drift along in a sea of known unknowns
Shuffling my papers and my salivary glands
The whole world a stage and I’m on stage
I got the whole world in my hands

But I’m a quiet man, I’m such a quiet man
Camera shy and bee shy
The furthest thing from inspiring

What a glorious feeling to be standing here amongst all of you
I only wish my mama could’ve been¬†here to see me up here tonight

I never house an animal
Without thinking of its needs
I never create a manimal
Without understanding how it bleeds
But I’m a quiet man
A peaceful honest human man
I much prefer to remain mute
I really don’t have much to say
And I don’t know what you think I saw up there tonight but
Let me assure you that mum’s the word
I’m not gonna go trying to be a hero like Bobby and (?) oversight
And go saying things I shouldn’t say, no siree

And I know he would like to say a few words here tonight but
the Government had him killed
And I see his lovely wife-widow, Janice here tonight
She’s got a long difficult road ahead of her now
Let’s tell her how we’ll always be there for her
And buy her a gin and tonic at the cash bar with a twist of lime
If you don’t get a little choked up just thinking about all that
Well then you ain’t got a soul, buddy
Oh and by the way

It don’t take debonair or class
To make your mark in oil and gas
Just learn to look the other way
And it will all be okay
I swear it’ll be okay

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