Arrive Alive

Yelling at the world as it leaves us all behind
Looking for a girl who still says “Be kind, rewind”
Travelling at speeds, maternity exceeds
Rolling through time and space like tumbleweeds
I wanted to wave the white flag and join the hive and
Arrive alive with you
I wanted to stuff the white bag with human lives
And get out the knives and cut through
I wanted to sing for my supper
Down every upper
And fly from roof to roof
Baby, we are meant to drift until we die
Maybe let us scent our ribs whilst we curse and cry
Use a little less imagination and more fears
A vapid dissertation that takes a thousand years
I wanted to change the outcome that she’d derive
From 95 to 212
I wanted to save the car wreck that she’d survived
And display it in Kathmandu
I wanted to share the share cropper
And launch the Big Bopper
Arrive alive with you
Building a better mousetrap takes a hundred million bills
Makers sailing through stars requires next level skills
Building a better dam, takes a certain kind of beaver
Because to trip the fantastic you must become a true believer
I wanted to take all the provisions that you provide
And drink ‘Five Alive’ with you
I want to sign the dotted line and stay inside
‘Cos there’s literally nothing to do
I wanted to stop the bean counter
and make the edges rounder
Arrive alive with you.

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