He’s a Freak

Length: 3:32

Get freaky with the D, I mean sexually
I think you all know he is a freak
Don’t even try to hide or think you can deny
The magic of this guy – he’s a freak

Yeah I show up and dance all nite
Everybody see cuz my lite shine brite
Hot, white, like a summer day,
Get freaky with the D, thermonuclear way

A freak is what I am
Break down your walls like a battering ram
Borderline genius, pass all exam,
Rite out the park, like I hit a grand slam
Damn! You fine!

Sit next to me, drink my blueberry wine
We can dine all nite and day
Get freaky with the D, Epicurean way
Okay! For desert I say

I wanna crack your rust like a crème brulee
I bet you’re warm and soft inside
Come along with me on a freaky ride!

Yeah I come through, play my music loud,
Everybody know cuz it match my style,
Big, wild, a gold-plated truck
I’ll eat a bacon-wrapped veggie dog, I don’t give a fuck

A freak is how I feel
It’s in my DNA, you can check my allele
My only super power is sex appeal,
And love that stays harder than Damascus Steel

I’m real, on the prowl
Ever robot can see me now
I’m a carnivore, I dance with my prey,
Get freaky with the D, terpsichorean way,

All day, I’m out
This a party, beyond any doubt
When it gets hype you hear me shout
Cuz it’s my happening and it freaks me out!

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