I Want To Eat A Complete Stranger

Length: 3:23

What began as a harmless prank resulted in a fire
And we’ve only got ourselves to thank
For the harpsichord and the lyre
Playing in the lobby of the bank

As we wait in the line of the souls on display
I want to eat a complete stranger and confess the next day


What was once just a signal on a television started thinking for us
Now we’re spending all our time wishing
We were pixies in a forest
And we’ll never complete the mission

And our country will fold when it’s faced with a bluff
I want to eat a complete stranger and another, cause it’s never enough

Mine is such a sterile life
Where all my dead people at, let’s dig all y’all up
Light your torch with whale fat and fill up your cup
With a most refreshing magic.

Oh yeah! Now who needs love when we got statistics to do all of the talking
And all your brandy, brandy hedonistics
Better put up or start walking
Cause the good ‘ol boys in ballistics

Have put you right there, at the scene of the crime
I need a bowl of human gumbo with rosemary and thyme

Wine is deadly as a knife
Drag your feet through your whole life and bring up the rear
Take this man to be your wife
Forget what you hear about the folks who have all the money
Yeah-eah-eah! Hey!

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