I’m Going Back To Sleep

Length: 2:10

Well I snooze but I don’t lose
I’m a somnambulist on the top of the list
I’m happiest when I’m tucked in
And I refuse to see sloth as a sin
From the middle of the night to the morning light
The time when I feel just right
I’ve gotta go to shorted the gap
Between waking up and my afternoon nap
I wanna earn a coma diploma
Who do I see about getting me into a coma
Cause when I lay me down my soul is yours to keep
Oh oh I’m going back to sleep

Well there ain’t no trees in Hamtramck
It’s a terrible place for a hammock
So I got the fuck out of there
And moved to New York City
I failed all the nitty-gritty nitty-gritty nitty-gritty
They say it’s the city that never sleeps
Well you know that’s about to change
Cause the price of loving you girl just aint cheap
Oh oh I’m going back to sleep

Well life’s better in my dreams
Cause in there you and me, we’re a team
And me dreams are powered by your love steam
But things are never quite what they seem
I’m going to cryogenically freeze
A dream of your birds and of your bees
Till the day you’re on your knees begging please
Till then I’m going to catch up on some Zs
You can count me out but just let me count my sheep
Oh lord I’m going back to sleep

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