List Of Lovers

Track seven on Here Come The Bags!.


You and me baby got a list of lovers
And maybe one day soon we gonna find each other
On each other’s list of lovers
It’s a wonder all the things that we’re gonna discover as lovers
Can you pencil me in?
I know your list is long, tonight

Friends become lovers
Lovers become enemies
Enemies become plaintiffs and defendants
Like the Kennedys
I can drape myself around you
You can get on top of me

Love becomes sex
Sex becomes sodomy

I was at Ruby Ridge, I was at Waco
I seen brutality
So open up the fridge, bust out the Prosecco
Let’s drink a toast to my sexuality
My sexuality


And my list of lovers
Is a laundry list
Of those I touched
And those I kissed
And when I draw the covers
In the morning mist
Will you be the one I love?
Will you be the one I love?

Words become weapons
Weapons become girls
Girls become the property of Sultans in the Arab world
You can’t put out every fire
When love burns hotter than the sun
Love becomes desire
Desire fucks up everyone

I will die on Mars in a Chinese rocket
But that’s alright with me
I burn bright like stars
Keep my picture in your pocket
Because of my sexuality
My sexuality, yeah!


You and me baby
We’ve got a list of lover
And it sure feels right
And our lovers are now just statues in the night
I say “they’re statues in the night.”

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