Length: 2:40

Another simulation that you walk me through
But the taste in your mouth ain’t good enough for you
Spray a can of Raid until it turns you blue
What’s a litterbug like me to do?

This love wont biodegrade for a thousand years
Don’t waste this moment with recycled fears
We can make this a day that you rue
You mess with the litterbug, the litterbug ain’t a mess like you

Ho-ooh Do you like it toxic? Do you like it clean?
I’m a job-creator, babe, and my jobs ain’t green
The Primrose Path is paved with polystyrene
By a coal-burning machine

Enough of your Mother Earth crying hippy tears
She’ll get a Burma-Shave with volcanic shit
She should shave her armpits too
Try to step on the litterbug, the litterbug steps away from you Ho-ooh-hoo-ooh, ho-ooh-hoo-ooh
Ho-ooh-hoo-ooh, ho-ooh-hoo-ooh

Put a tyre cap on your capping train (? unsure of this line ?)
Protect all of the creatures in the everglade
Build your windmills ’til you’re Don Quixote
But you’re running out of things to do and say

It’s been a real gas, but I must scurry away
May we meet again on garbage day
Don’t mind me if I lawyer up and sue
Don’t worry about the litterbug, cause the litterbug ain’t going to worry about you Ho-ooh-hoo-ooh, ho-ooh-hoo-ooh
Ho-ooh-hoo-ooh, ho-ooh-hoo-ooh

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