Miss Peaches Wears An Iron Dress

Length: 3:17

Miss Peaches wears an iron dress
And Sweet-Pea likes bubbles
And if I had a scythe
I’d hack away at all her troubles

Shortsellers under stress while the _____(?) doubles
I long to see who live amongst the ruins and her rubbles
Whoa, come on, there’s a new Burma-Shave
Ever since they told us we could recklessly misbehave

I got chicken from a website, I got chicken from a funnel
And every time we meet I’ll meet you in a Shanghai tunnel
I could be wrong about everything
But I’ve seen her bells and I heard them ring
This time I’m in no position to say anything

Miss Peaches bakes a lizard pie(?) and sweet pea just cries
There’s a million other things
She’d rather have than one of those pies
Troubled teens wanna die and scoundrels tell lies
I long to know what kind of yeast is making your bread rise
Woah-ah-oh, I’m happy as a clam
Ever since I did the right thing and forgot who I am

A guy I used to work with
Became a prison whore
And ever since he got out
He gotta go back, back for more

I’m not asking for a reprieve
But it’s quite a tangled web we weave
I’m not asking you to believe anything

If you ask her to dance
With a ‘how do you do?’
When she makes your acquaintance she always turns blue
She’s not one to breed, but she’ll follow your lead.
And she’d dance a two-step tango…away.

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