One Policeman Leads To Another

Length: 2:52

Oh mine is a vigorous tale
I’ve spent years inside the whale
You my friend on the other hand
Content to run with the also-rans
Mesmerised by the circle crops
Scared to death of the bleeps and blops
So you call the cops

But just remember that
One policeman leads to another

Oh! My years of fleeting fame
But here I am still in this game
You my friend you’ll never learn
You’re still convinced you’ll get your turn
You lost the upper hand because
You couldn’t remember who your enemy was
So you call the fuzz

And one policeman leads to another

Oh you and your thing for authority
I wish you would steer clear of me
Siren’s wail and buzzers beep
And winners lose and then losers weep and…
Sure as an igloo’s what an eskimo sleeps in
Every policemen knows more policemen

Oh mine was a perilous journey
But I had the best attorney
You my friend always going alone
Now the rats have dibs on your every bone
As sure as paths were never taken
Your dormant dreams they never awaken
And it smells like bacon

You oughta know that
One policeman leads to another x8

One policeman leads to another x6

One policeman leads to another

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