Optical Day

Length: 4:07

You used to do the ding dong ditch
And now you’re living as a male witch
Can’t stop my morning blaze
And you can’t stop the humid humid ????? days
And then your body starts shaking
The sleeper will awaken to a world that was never in his eyes or of his making
The time bomb
It will explode any day
Still, the people drive for miles around to sing hip hip hooray

It’s optical day
Let’s start making K
The letter after J
It’s optical day
Let’s start making K
The letter after J

The (tropicana?) used to be the Shanghai
I settle all my scores with higher life
Behold into the slippery ways
And behold into the (new vogue/nouveau) communist craze
They don’t see the lights a-dimming
They don’t clean the pools we swim in
And they sure don’t know the warm-blooded ways of lizard women
They are stammering ’cause they don’t know what to say
If you stop to think about it too much it just blows you away

That’s optical day
Let’s starting ridiculing people for how much they weigh

And though these are fascist times
I won’t be a party to your party of fascistic crimes
I’m living to live good times
And raise the roof with my signatory rhymes

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