Safety Girl

Do you remember all the nights that we were forced to sit crossed legg-ed and listen to jazz?
It began in September. Overbites and acne followed suit for every geek and every spaz

It’s ringing bells now, I remember Safety Girl
She had a house on Fantasy Lane
That shit is strange now, give it up for Safety Girl
She had a face, and she had a name

Now I’ve got a diploma, and my work is passing muster and the memories of her slowly fade
Such a strange aroma, hint of Dijon mustard, and a mayonnaise derived from lemonade

This premonition comes as no surprise to Safety Girl
It won’t be long before it all comes true
The parasite that lives inside of Safety Girl, will someday live inside me and you

(Remember, Safety Girl)
(Remember, her so well)
(Remember, Safety Girl)

What really matters are the memories of Safety Girl
I used to hang on each and every word, but
There are some hazards when you give yourself to Safety Girl
The line between safe and sorry is blurred, my word
My word
My word
Safety Girl’s a different kind of bird
My word
My word
Safety Girl is a different kind of bird

(Come, come, Mr Bond, you enjoy Safety Girl as much as I do)

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