Skin Caboose (Live)

I love you so God damn much. Song number four off the new record.

Now you’ve got to give up every gain
I see my knuckles in the rain
When I awake I will be on you

Time keeps moving on, keeps moving on
There comes a day when you’ll be gone
And on that day I shall describe you

Like a desperado dancing on the devil’s noose
Six-shooter and a sniper is no use
Lover, it’ no use

Woo – it’s no use, it’s no use, it’s no use
Woo – it’s no use
Woo, it’s no use, it’s no use, it’s no use

Every song I write comes in on three
I hope some day you’ll come to see
I couldn’t get to four without you

You wind up in a jail with no bail
You doth protest and no prevail
I’ll write a prison song about you

When every drop of moonshine has been used to spike the juice
I’m bored to tears now watch me drop adeuce
Gonna drop a deuce

Woo, drop a deuce, drop a deuce, drop a deuce
Woo, drop a deuce
Woo, drop a deuce, drop a deuce, drop a deuce

Love used to be something that you’d break in and buy
I had an unlimited supply
That was in the days when I used to slay
Now it’s all just crazier than cray, cray…

And now you see me drifting out to sea
My only exit strategy
Is coming back here to astound  you

Time is up, I let you get the rest
Tattoo my name upon your breast
I should have guessed this when I found you

Darling drop your weapons
And let’s have a little truce
Come a little closer now and be my skin caboose
Be my skin caboose

Woo, skin caboose, skin caboose, skin caboose
Woo, skin caboose
Woo, skin caboose, skin caboose, skin caboose
Lover be my skin caboose
Skin caboose
Be my skin caboose

Yeah, skin caboose for you.
I took a lap around Oxfordshire before the show. I heard a lot of crosstalk on the street. I heard them maybe talk a little too much.

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