Soldiers of Satan

Length: 3:54

Oh! Say hello to the invisible men
Coming to town to be my friend
They’re gonna be here at a half past ten
Oh Oh!

Really then
Maybe you see them, maybe you don’t
Maybe you’ll see what the others won’t
Maybe they’ll make you row their boat
Oh Oh! You silly goat

Well I’m not ever gonna be one of those
Happy, happy people in ridiculous clothes
Wondering where all the groovy poppy grows
Looking out for the nightmare bird
Custard creaming ever curd
Polishing her every turd

Oh! My word
Can’t we just enjoy the show
Bathing in our mirth and woe
You know I like the status quo
Oh Oh!
There was steal the song that you’re humming
And you’ll never see it coming
They have drum machines that are ready to do all of your drumming
Oh Yeah!

And if you’re waiting for an answer
Well, prepare to keep on waiting
Some people clearly should be stopped from ever mating
Livin’ all their life just hating and a hating
Marching through the city with the soldiers of Satan

Where it stops, nobody knows
So put your money up your nose
Dress her up in flammable clothes
Oh Oh! There she goes
Some will say we’ve gone too far
Others will say we’re shooting par
Whats that sound inside my car
Oh Oh! My doors ajar

We are frozen here in the blue light
Sitting ducks in a toxic pond tonight
Watching the fun boys and the good time girls unite
And for every little dick that we are graduating
There’s another temple that we are desecrating
Announcing your arrival as the moon is abating
Pledging your allegiance to the soldiers of Satan

It’s a really good time
And it will blow your mind
It’s a really good time
Lets go!

And we are flaking out and fading fast
Stupidity first and safety last
Have a drink and lets watch the die get cast
As we abandon ship and torch the mast
This is the only way to live
Black rainbows without ROYGBIV
Come drain your soul in my evil sieve
This is the only way to live
This is the only way to live

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