Table and Chairs

Length: 4:36

I’m done with the road,
I need an abode,
A door the put my keys in.
I’ve been a rolling stone,
But now I’m going alone,
It’s akin to committing treason.
I’m speaking of, women in love,
It’s rhyme without reason.
So come out from the forest,
Tune into the chorus,
‘Cause it’s wood-chopping season.

But first we’ll build a bridge from here to there,
Out of the finest mahogony.
And then we’ll build a place to sit and stare,
I can’t believe that she got to me.

I see the meaning of life, girl,
As a house becomes a home,
And I’ve made you my wife, girl,
Maybe you throw me a bone.
Let me sit down at your table and chairs,
Free from all cares.
Let me drown in your stares,
At your table and chairs!

Now we’ve done our best,
Passed every test,
For co-habitation,
But the rent really sucks, sonny,
$500 bucks to finance your relation.
Some sender required,
I’m already tired,
And I’m owed an explanation.
It’s a house-keeping heist,
Oh, Jesus Christ!
I think I need a vacation.
But first we’ll apply,
A cultural varnish,
With the best polyurethane,
Preventing any measurable tarnish,
And providing a pleasant stain.

I’m drinking in amazement as a house becomes a home,
And there’s unfinished business for my most treasured stones.
A room for your table and chairs,
Free from all cares.
Let me drown in your stares,
At your table and chairs!

Any house can be a home, (Ba-da-da-dah)
When push comes to shove, (Ba-da-dah)
But, I really gotta know, (Ba-da-da-dah)
Do we have enough space, (Da-da-dah!)
Have enough space for all this love? (Da-da-dah! Ba-da-da-dah)
I could knock down some walls, (Ba-da-dah)
Build an extension, (Ba-da-da-dah)
Lay out some dry wall, (Ba-da-dah)
Trip the circuit-breaker, (Ba-da-dah)
And build an extension! (Ba-da-da-da-dah)
I could get used to livin’ anywhere, (Dah-dah-dah)
I used to live in a condominium with 3 other guys! (Ba-da-da-dah-dah)
I was paying 200 dollars a month,(Ba-da-dah)
But this is way better, (Ba-da-d-dah)
Now I got a table and chairs, (Ba-da-da-da-dah)
Now I got a woman and a wife, (Ba-da-dah)
I got a television the size of Oklahoma, (Ba-da-da-dah)
I got a car for my invisible dog, (Ba-da-da-da-dah)
And my invisible fence, (Ba-da-da-dah)
I can keep the government off my lawn, (Ba-da-da-da-da-dah)
I dont need no government interference coming and screwing with me! (Dah-dah-dah)
I got married to my wife, (Ba-da-da-da-dah)
And we bought a house, (Ba-da-dah)
And also a table and chairs. (Ba-da-da-da-dah-da-da-dah)

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