Take Me To Your Leader

Length: 3:00

Well I guess I first noticed when the spotless dish wear got spotty
And the eggs got runny
Then the neighbours start talking
All the doors start locking
Rumour circulation gone all funny

And her warm, sloppy kisses taste like chloroform
I’m ashamed to admit that the way she performs in the sack
Performs in the sack has declined
You should see the hazy look in her eyes when she asks me:

“Is the back yard big enough for a mother ship

She says insectizoid creatures from outer space control her mind Well, is it something I did?
Is it something I said?
Are we living too close to the power lines? Oh baby, please!

Do you wanna make me cry?

Well the kids are gonna live with their Uncle Ray
For a couple of weeks until we get this straight
Now is the woman I love in there somewhere?
Are you gonna start acting like a Linda Blair?
We can get the love back the way it used to be
We can make it fun again to be you and me
You know there’s lots of nice people you can talk to
To make the love return. She says:
“The human population makes the perfect supply of food.”
You know, I tend to agree with you, baby

Won’t you take me to your leader?
We can work it out
Work it out
Work it out
I’m dying for you baby!

Take me to your leader
Take me
Take me to your leader
Take me
Take me to your leader
Take me
Take me to your leader

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