The Chimes of Titus


You said to send in the clowns
When you know damn well I’m one of the clowns
And I’m on my cigarette break
I travelled west for the first time
And I get pushed out of bounds
I know, could be I made a mistake
I always said you’re a good egg
I’m praying for you
I just wanna watch you beg
And lick on my shoe

I suppose I over-react to your vanishing act
Because I thought what was living in fear of me
Was just God’s tyranny
I can’t believe it’s still on my mind

I slipped some sunlight in their hair
But it did not go very well
I know, there ain’t gonna be a next time
I got some really bad tinnitus when I heard the chimes of Titus
Oh yeah, I guess we’re gonna get ’em next time

I suppose I over-react to your vanishing act
‘Cos I thought you were living in fear of me
That you’d steer clear of me
I can’t believe you’re still on my mind
I take you to task with your damaged mask
And then you put it on, put it on

Ooh yeah!

When I’m living at the bottom of a river
Will you still love me? Yes you will
When I’m living like no other giver
Will you be above me? Yes you will
Because it is what it is it is it is
Come get your fill of the striking lights of my showbiz
I make a hundred dollars every sequence that you run
Canadian dollars, so much more fun

Gonna take a little time (little time, little time)
I need a little bit more time (little time)
Got to have your time
Gimme time, gimme time, gimme time
Time (Gotta have more time)
Won’t you give me your time (shine, shine)
Gotta have a little time (money time, money time)
Adventure Time
Precious time (plenty of time)

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