The Room Where You and I Will Make Out

Ooh la la this is the room where you and I will make out
I designed it with acoustics in mind
And for some it is a place where all her dreams will shake out
And for others it’s a window into my mind

All these years I’ve walked besides you but never touched you
All ya tears you kept inside you, never cried
The intersection of these moments, now boils over
To forge a curios which I keep you inside
Baby, baby, hold onto your mind
Because your body just became more slippery

And your cause of death won’t be because of me, no
Won’t be because of me

Ooh la la this is the room where you and I will make out
I designed it with your feelings in mind
And as your pent up emotions decide to break out
I will be the pot of gold you were searching to find

All the nights of rage and trembling Cause I’m nowhere near you
All the loneliness of nights spent alone
And so you live your life for others who touched you in vain
When you know god damn well my touch goes to the bone

Baby, baby, I want that zest from your rind
Get my loins a little spruce
May I marinade in your juice?

If these walls could talk, and you know they’re going to talk
What would they say about our room?
Each and every tick tock from our lover’s clock
Brings us closer to our bloom

All your fears have just been killed
In this room that I did build
If you russian just say da,
Everyone else will be like ‘Ooh la la’
Ooh la la
Ooh la la-ah
Ooh la la
Ooh la la-ah

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