Theme From Evil Cowards

Length: 2:53

I’ve got emotions man
And i cried when Rudy Giuliani died
I love New York man
Coz I’ve got some people working for me on the inside
I’ve seen the police-man
And I know he’s just a hologram
And I see the lights man

And I’ve seen the belly of this beast eat all types man
Manhattan mister I couldn’t tell your sister from you
Oh no
Chelsea Fester they really just don’t make ’em like you
Oh no
And there’s a vampire up on the cloisters
And he’s just looking for something to do
I’ve been the pentagon
And I know all your sequences and codes
I don’t know what your on
The way your watching all your monuments implode
And I love Washington

I see a writer chalked with a mysterious anode
Our time has almost gone
And we’ll be shifting into another mode
Alexandria I’d cross a thousand rivers for you
Oh no
Refarita we’re living all your dreams anew
And there’s a queen down at Dupont Circle
And he’s just looking for someone to do
Ronnie Howard goes from neighbour into a cocoon

Evil Cowards sell more copies than dark side of the moon
And there’s a studio down in Tribeca that’s gonna be a
National monument too

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