Totally Unqualified

Length: 2:20

We’re carrying the heaviest load
And we’re carrying for the culture vultures
They’re making more heads explode
And there are heads attached to bodies

When the shit hits the fan I run and hide
That’s what me totally unqualified
To love you, hey, to love you
Oh, hey, to love you I watched you disappear in the horizon
And I caught your disappearing acts
You told the world, that your bread was rising
And you were churning your own butter

She lives in the house where her mother died
That’s what makes her so qualified
To glove you, hey, to glove you
Oh, hey, to glove you

Pennies for your dollar
My bills are coming due
Put your head in the collar
My teams are coming too
Now you gotta let me love you


Eh After 72 hours go by
We can declare you officially missing
And because you said you will never die
We’ll never stop looking for you In your closets, where I often hide
That’s what makes me totally qualified
To love you, hey, to love you
La-la-la, oh, hey, to love you Eh

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