Electric Six Launch ‘You’re Welcome’ Kickstarter

Electric Six have launched their fourth Kickstarter campaign for a new live album recorded in Oxford in April 2017.

The album, entitled ‘You’re Welcome’, will be recorded at the Oxford Academy on 22nd April 2017 and released to Kickstarters alongside a range of incentives including a t-shirt, poster and karaoke disc, alongside other one-offs such as choosing a track to be performed live for the album, a special encore and a tarot reading from lead singer Dick Valentine.

The 2-disc set will include an album of covers and the live album, which will consist of songs that didn’t feature on live album ‘Absolute Pleasure’ or DVD / Blu-Ray ‘Absolute Treasure’, some not having been played live before.

Alongside backers being able to pick live songs, the following five tracks have been confirmed for inclusion on the live disc:

  • Newark Airport Boogie
  • I’m The Bomb
  • Night Vision
  • MC Sucka DJ
  • Rock and Roll Evacuation

Alongside the usual offers there is a chance for backers to become part of a subscription network where they get a special track every three months, which may be a demo, remix of fully finished track preview.

The Kickstarter campaign is looking for $30,000 and had already reached $18,000 within twenty-four hours of its launch.

You can also buy tickets for the event at www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/DEH2204Z