Kickstarter Stretch Goal now available

With the main money target reached, Electric Six has now announced a Kickstarter stretch goal.

Crazies, you’ve done gone and done it. $35K…issa Stretchy. So here’s the deal: all of those who have pledged (either now or by the end of voting on Thursday, July 3, 2014) can send us a message via Kickstarter with their selection indicated as to which of the following three songs they wish to see E6 record and include on the “Mimicry” portion of “Mimicry And Memories.” Those nominated songs are:

1. Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac – Those of you who witnessed the June US tour likely saw this one done on stage with E6 and Yip Deceiver. The recorded version will include the YD boyz.

2. Easy Lover  by Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey – The two Phils. Two Phils and one Valentine. Irresistable.

3. In The Dark by Billy Squier – This one came thisclose to being included on “M&M” right out of the chute. It is a master class in early 80s AOR sass and emotions in motion. Wait, that’s another song…

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