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Is this the artwork for Human Zoo?; Orange vinyl available? Tracklisting confirmed

Music website Storm The Base has uploaded artwork that could be the cover for ‘Human Zoo’, Electric Six’s upcoming album.

It also gives it the code of MET 955 and also sells an orange vinyl, giving the date of release as 7th October 2014.

Finally, it confirms this as the tracklisting:

01 Karate Lips
02 It’s Horseshit!
03 Alone with your Body
04 Satanic Wheels
05 Gun Rights
06 I’ve seen Rio in Flames
07 (Who the Hell just) Call My Phone?
08 I need a Restaurant
09 Worst Movie Ever
10 I’m the Devil
11 Good View of the Violence
12 The Afterlife

For more information visit http://www.stormingthebase.com/electric-six-human-zoo-cd/ and http://www.stormingthebase.com/electric-six-human-zoo-vinyl-orange/