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Here Come The Bags to be released in cassette form

Dick Valentine’s third solo album Here Come The Bags! is to be released in cassette format as well as CD and download, thanks to a partnership with Solid 7 records. The cassette will be available at the upcoming UK and Ireland solo dates.

See below for the full quote from his Facebook page.

So this is exciting. For the first time ever? (you tell me…many of you know my catalog better than me) I am releasing music on a cassette! In partnership with Solid 7 Records, “Here Come The Bags!” is being released in cassette format. I shall have cassettes in my bag to sell you at my upcoming UK/Ireland solo acoustic shows. Did you not know that cassettes are trending right now on worldwide instagrabs? ‪#‎tapeworm‬ ‪#‎herecomethebagsasshole‬! Well, they fuckin’ are. And I’m gonna be on the apex of that forefront. Reach into my bag! Get a CD…or a cassette! Or a rabid ferret. Got a couple of those in my bag, just for intrigue and danger…..