Track Listing For ‘Here Come The Bags’ Released

From Dick Valentine’s Facebook page:

When you reach into my bag for a copy of “Here Come The Bags!” next month, you will be reaching for twelve songs. Here are the titles of those songs:

1. Black Sea Brides
2. Saddam Hussein
3. Enough Embarrassment For One Day
4. The Marching Band That Never Goes Away
5. Burkina Faso Lover
6. Black Willow
7. List Of Lovers
8. Stretching Out The Tunes For Mario
9. One Dimensional Steve
10. Japanese Bulls
11. Gila Monsters
12. Dead Carnation

Couple o’ things. Black Willow is a song written and recorded by Mark Mallman. It was meant to be on his album “Double Silhouette”. He did not feel it was right for that album, so he gave the song to me. It was very nice of him to do this for me. So I just replaced his vocals with my vocals. It’s weird to me hearing my voice instead of his…but the rest of you won’t know the difference. So it’s okay.

Also, Stretching Out The Tunes For Mario is a garage band demo of what was meant to be a bigger production….however, at the end, my daughter grabbed my microphone and began singing. That can never be replicated in the studio and I want her to be on my album, so the garage band version is good enough in this case.

I’m very happy with “Here Come The Bags!” April can’t get here soon enough. I look forward to baggin’ with you.