Worldwide Vinyl Crunch Hits Electric Six “Human Zoo”

According to a series of posts on the Electric Six Facebook page the vinyl for their latest album ‘Human Zoo’ will only be available to buy online and at selected UK gigs until possibly spring 2015 for the USA due to a shortage of capacity in vinyl pressers that has meant the latest album is to be pressed in the UK.

See below for the full posts.

A public service announcement for all Crazies who have interest in Electric Six vinyl…due to circumstances beyond our or Metropolis Records’ control, we will not have vinyl copies of “Human Zoo” available for purchase during our upcoming September/October dates. The short version of the long story is that there are relatively few vinyl pressing plants left in the world and with resurgent interest in vinyl from consumers, they’re all overworked and thus timelines end up getting extended for everyone. In fact, it’s so bad that “Human Zoo” isn’t even being pressed in the US. However, the good news is that you can pre-order the vinyl at the link below, regardless of where you live on this great big planet, and Metropolis will deliver it unto you. We have been assured that vinyl available via mail order will be ready to ship on the release date (October 14).

We anticipate (contingent upon availability) having vinyl at our US and Canadian shows in the spring of 2015. To head off the inevitable questions from Europeans, no, we do not anticipate having them for sale at European shows, so if you’re interested, your best option is to order via Metropolis.


Crazies of the UK…Electric Six is modifying its message from below regarding vinyl in one key way. Electric Six WILL in fact have a limited amount of vinyl available for sale at its UK shows in November and December. Thank the Worldwide Vinyl Crunch which necessitates production of “Human Zoo” vinyl on your continent.