Smorgasbord to Leave Electric Six After Eight Years

A post earlier this morning on the band’s official Facebook page followed a goodbye on Twitter as part of a photo caption, confirming that Electric Six bassist for the past eight years Keith Thompson, better known¬†as Smorgasbord, is to leave the band.

The post, which you can see in full below, included references to songs he’d helped write and also mentions of the man ready to step into his bassist boosts.

Comments about his time in the band are available on Facebook. Here are three:

Keith made Electric Six bigger and brighter than ever, always came across as a very open and sincere person and there’s been countlesstimes I’d seen him go above and beyond for people even if it was just a quiet chat and a friendly word. Just a real earnest person and it shows in his music and his playing. I’ll miss him on and off the stage but I’m happy he’s happy going off and doing more for himself. Thankful for everything he brought for us! Bring on the new bassist.” [Khalil Donaghey]

“Had a great time talking to Smorgasbord in Baltimore on 4/20/10. Really cool dude. Thanks for the tunes and good luck with your future endeavours!” [Kevin Tray]

“Mr. S. Bord, best of luck on all your new endeavors. Thank you for your time served as 1/6 of the hardest rocking band in all of music.” [Steven Krise]

Good luck to Keith for the future and thanks for eight years. (You can also support one of his projects on Kickstarter).


It is bittersweet to announce that after 8 years of amazing musicianship, songwriting and road doggin’, we are letting our dear Smorgasbord move on to the next chapter of his life. Life in Electric Six is a form of purgatory….a wonderful purgatory…but a purgatory nonetheless. Smorg wants to spread his wings and fly a little bit….we love him….so we are setting him free. 8 years is an eternity in band years…but it went by way too fast. We’ve known this day was coming for a while, and every one of us did our best to talk him into staying. But again….see the part about loving someone and setting them free.

Smorgasbord was the primary songwriter for tunes such as “Who The Hell Just Call My Phone?” “White Eyes” “After Hours” and “Cheryl vs. Daryl” to name a few. He brought such a unique approach to our unique approach and we’ll always be grateful.

We’ll try to maintain his level of enthusiasm for our maintaining our Instagram account. It will be tough to replicate.

We all wish you nothing but the best, Killer Keith.

The rest of E6 moves on and we have a guy lined up to play some bass. He’s cool…he has fingers….he has ears.

But for now, let’s get into the Smorgasbord groove one more time. Go get your copy of Human Zoo and put Satanic Wheels on repeat tonight. Go ahead and do that now.