Two Demos Available Now on Band Soundcloud

Further to their removal from the Kickstarter Mimicry and Memories release, Electric Six have released instrumental demos of White Eyes and Bleed For The Artist on their Souncloud page.

See the quote below for their Facebook page.

As copies of “Mimicry & Memories” are being received, we’ve had a couple of folks ask us about the absence of two songs which were announced as part of the package, specifically “White Eyes” and “Bleed For The Artist.” These were deleted because they were demos which lacked any vocal and after considering further whether they were worthy of being included, those involved in their creation decided they shouldn’t make the cut after all. While we corrected the track listing on Kickstarter, we apparently forgot to send out an update to that effect, so apologies to anyone who was disturbed by their ommission.

That said, we aim to please. We’re making these two tracks available for free download via the Soundcloud account linked below. So have at them.