Mustang Album Cover


Release date: 27th Sep 2013 / 4th Nov 2013
Record labels: Metropolis Records (MET 898)
Too Many Robots (TMR019CD)
Running time: [47:14]

01. Nom De Plume [2:22]
02. Jessica Dresses Like A Dragon [3:36]
03. Show Me What Your Lights Mean [2:55]
04: Adam Levine [2:39]*
05. Cranial Games [2:55]
06. The New Shampoo [3:38]
07. Iron Dragon [3:58]*
08. Late Night Obama Food [4:00]
09. I Never Fucked Her [3:33]
10. Miss Peaches Wears an Iron Dress [3:17]
11. Unnatural Beauty [3:22]*
12. Gimme The Eyes [3:35]
13. Skin Traps [3:04]
14. Cheryl Vs. Darryl [4:14]

The vinyl release is split with the starred tracks coming last on the side.

Mustang was produced by Nash.
Recorded at Na$hinal Sound and High Bias Recordings.
Mixed and engineered by Nash and Chris Koltay
Performed by Electric Six with additional help from:
Bradley Stern – Saxophone, Jason Pearce – Congas
William Jones – Spoken word
Melody Malosh, Natalie Fedirko, Carrie Acosta, Meaghan DeGrave, Eva Droege, Annalisa Pavone, Emma Guzman, Kendyl Loewen – Backing vocals
Photography and layout by Frank Nash

Mustang would not have been possible without the following people:
The Tait families, Suzy Cole, Dave Bissonette and all at Unity Group, Emma Johnston, Jesse Paris Smith, Matt Van, Billy Dee & Vaklov, Emma Evens & MFL, Vic Firth Drumsticks, the Alonso family, Sandra Old, The Gentleman Thief, Frankie Detroit, Patrick Tausney, Melody Malosh, Natalie Fedirko, Carrie Acosta, the Nash, Southworth and Rose families, Meaghan Degrave, Krista Droege, Rock and Roll Prep, Kate Muth, Susan Brandt, Ramona Spencer, Holli Peorreca, Sonia and Katya, the Thompson and Angerilli families, Jack Notman and Alex Nightingale at EC1 Music, Dave Kaplan and Justin Bridgewater at The Agency Group, Dave Heckman and all at Metropolis Records, Steve Coombes, Choppy Choppy.

Management – Chris Fuller
Booking: Non US – Jack Notman at
US – Dave Kaplan at

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