Electric Six announce television series pilot Kickstarter

Electric Six have released details of a third Kickstarter campaign on their Facebook page. They’re looking to raise $30,000 to fund a pilot for a mockumentary film entitled “Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit”.

The episode will be 45-60 minutes long and will be released on DVD and blu-ray. Kickstarter incentives include a double CD of the soundtrack and Dick Valentine demos, encore packages and more.

See the full quote below and visit Kickstarter to support. You can also see a preview video on YouTube.

The moment has arrived. The time is now. Electric Six is excited and proud to announce its latest project, a doc/mock/shock/rock-umentary film entitled “Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit.” As we’ve done in recent years, we’re utilizing the mechanism provided by Kickstarter to bring this project into life. “Roulette” will be a 45-60 minute near-feature length film in the form of a pilot episode of a series which will never exist, focusing on the real (or is it?) lives of Electric Six. Let Dick Valentine explain it to you in an excerpt from the campaign page…

“Electric Six has taken the hint and is excited to bring you the pilot episode of its new reality television series “Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit”. Now it can be revealed…the boys in Electric Six have spent the last several years at Detroit casinos gambling their way into a life of luxury, and the time has come for you to go behind the scenes to see how they live. You will see dreams realized, money attained, jewels attained, infinity pools attained…bitches tamed. You will see the rapturous ramparts of reality within which only Electric Six can realistically reside.

“Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit” will be a 45-60 minute near-feature length production, to be embodied on DVD, Blu Ray and digital download. As part of the project, you can bid on fantastic packages, countless opportunities to inject yourself into the reality of Electric Six. Through participating in the making of “Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit” you get exclusivity. You get membership points. And you may even end up at a restaurant, choking on a pork chop, while Percussion World gives you the Heimlich maneuver. It doesn’t get more real than that.”