Electric Six Tease Surprise New Project

An interesting piece has appeared today on the Electric Six Facebook page:

One week from today, on June 4, Electric Six will announce its latest project, one which we are confident will be of great interest to many of you. This is something we’ve been kicking around and attempting to realize for quite awhile but we never had the schedule set up the right way for everyone, nor did we find the right partners to make it happen…but now it’s all fallen into place. It combines many of the things you’ve come to know and love about Electric Six...music, story telling, high energy performances and risky behavior. We’re excited to tell you all about it so stay tuned for much, much more on that front very soon.

What it won’t be is this:

– Anything to do with the new, as of now untitled album. The new record is great and we’re on the verge of completing it, but no title as of yet. It’ll be out in October on Metropolis, just as it always is. You can set your clock by Electric Six and its albums. More on that topic in the months ahead.

– Anything to do with the vinyl box set we discussed previously. We’ve gone over and over this in our camp. We’ve spent tons of time talking to third parties and amongst ourselves in an attempt to figure out if we could realize this particular project, only to conclude that we really can’t at this stage. We know there are a good number of you who expressed interest in this and believe us, we appreciate that. However, the scope in all respects (not least of which is the cost involved for Crazies, including shipping and everything else) is simply too great relative to what we anticipate the demand to be, and thus we don’t feel we can go down this road at the moment.

What we hope to do eventually is make available vinyl versions of “Smoke,” “Switzerland,” “Exterminate” and “Kill.” We know there is interest in this and we hope to find a way soon to satisfy that. The “how and when” is an open question at this point but know that we’re thinking about it and we intend on finding a way to make it happen We’ll get there.