Release Date: 20th October 2009 / 2nd November 2009
Record Labels: Metropolis Record [MET 614]
Round Records [Round018-2]
Running Time:
Working Titles: Jared Styles; Sign of the Beefcarver

  1. Body Shot [3:47]
  2. Waste of Time and Money [3:28]
  3. Egyptian Cowboy [4:20]
  4. Escape from Ohio [3:11]
  5. Rubbin’ Me the Wrong Way [3:04]
  6. One Sick Puppy [2:54]
  7. Steal Your Bones [4:20]
  8. My Idea of Fun [3:17]
  9. I Belong in a Factory [2:32]
  10. The Newark Airport Boogie [3:00]
  11. Simulated Love [3:30]
  12. You’re Bored [1:45]
  13. White Eyes [4:20]

All lyrics by Tyler Spencer

Produced by Zach Shipps and Electric Six at Love Canal Infotainment Center
Drums freaked to magnetic tape at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor, MI

Electric Six is…

Dick Valentine: Mouth
Tait Nucleus?: Synthesis
Johnny Na$hinal: Guitar
The Colonel: Guitar
Percussion World: Drum
Smorgasbord: Base

Additional Musicians…

Kristin vonBernthal: Background Vocals on Track 07
Korin Louise Visocchi: Background Vocals on Track 11
Matt Aljian: Timpani on Track 07
John R. Dequindre: Shredding on Track 05

Thanks: Dave Heckman and Metropolis, Alex Nightingale, Jack Notman, Dave Kaplan, Marc Bauer, Steve Coombes, Kate Muth, Susan Brandt, Amy Gay, Chene Koppitz, Emma Evans, The Alonso and Hulzinga families. Domingo & Eclipse Printing, Rick / Kathy / Scott Tait, Jared Styles, Suzanne Bryson, Thompson / Clear / Burroughs / Angerilli / Tabbita families, Hal Soper, Darren Grow & Belmont Krew, Suzy Cole, Paiste, Vic Firth, Kill.

Interior artwork by Chris Dean.
Cover Cross-stitch by Shannon McCarthy.
CD Illustration by James Herring.
Layout and Photos by Mucho Dinero

Management: Chris Fuller (
North American Booking: Dave Kaplan (
Worldwide Booking: Jack Notman (
Publicity: Ray Roldan (

(c) 2009

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