You’re Welcome

‘You’re Welcome’ is a kickstarter 2-CD set due for recording and release in September 2017. It will feature a disc of fan-suggested covers and a disc of live songs recorded at the Oxford Academy on the 22nd April 2017.

Bill Koy, Timothy Patalan, The Esquire, Mel Caceres, Alan Cooper, Jenna Jane Haycock, Hat ‘N’ JaQ, Alexander ‘XAR’ Schmidt, Des, Ken “Doom Bunny” Hughe, Lightin’ Ray Lujan

Executive Producers:
Mel Caceres, Benton Redmann, Evan Davis

Live album recorded by Jake Tilley

All songs performed by Electric Six except those listed below.

Additional performers:
Drums on “You’re Welcome!” live album: Ray Kubian
Backing vocals on Night Vision on “You’re Welcome!” live album: Mel Caceres
Drums on “You’re Welcome” covers album except Dirty Laundry: Todd Glass
Drums on Dirty Laundry: Sabrina Alteras-Honig
Backing vocal on Dirty Laundry: Mel Caceras
Guitar on Dirty Laundry: Matt Tompkins
Backing Vocal on Rasputin: Nickey Winkelman
Bass on Union of the Snake: Scott Weinert
Trumpet on Union of the Snake: Daniel Holson
Bass on Vow: Benjamin Hurd
Backing vocal on Vow: Benton Redmann
Backing Vocal on Magic Dance: Nickey Winkelman and Daniel Holson
Backing Vocal on Young Americans: Nicole Tausney

Thanks to everyone who supported this Kickstarter campaign by pledging.

Covers Album

1. Kids In America [3:33]
2. Rasputin [2:46] (Ellie Reed)
3. Union Of The Snake [4:23]
4. Drenched In Blood [03:20]
5. Animal Day [02:56]
6. Dirty Laundry [05:38]
7. Magic Dance [04:09] (William Brown)
8. Seminole Bingo [03:06] (Cameron Clarke)
9. Last Night I Had A Dream [02:07] (Evan Davis)
10. Vow [04:34] (Benton Redmann)
11. Nightclubbing [03:43] (Niles Stanbery)
12. Young Americans [05:09] (Brian Silva)
13. Making Progress (Dubai Bros. Remix) [03:14] (Mel Caceres)
14. Transatlantic Flight (Dubai Bros. Remix) [04:30] (Chrys Blackstone)

Live Album

1. Rock And Roll Evacuation [3:44]
2. Countdown To The Countdown [3:13]
3. I’m The Bomb [4:30]
4. Skin Caboose [3:33]
5. The New Shampoo [4:00]
6. I Invented The Night [03:15]
7. When Cowboys File For Divorce [03:01]
8. Randy’s Hot Tonight [03:26]
9. Night Vision [03:45]
10. Big Red Arthur [03:06]
11. Adam Levine [02:46]
12. Who The Hell Just Call My Phone? [03:27]
13. I’ll Be In Touch [03:51]
14. Newark Airport Boogie [02:40]
15. Future Boys [03:10]
16. After Hours [02:41]
17. MC Sucka DJ [02:49]
18. The Afterlife [04:06]
19. Dance Pattern [03:44]
20. Germans In Mexico [05:41]

(Who the Hell Just) Call My Phone [2:52]
Adam Levine [02:33]
Body Shot [03:47]
Dance Pattern [03:44]
Down at McDonnellzzz [04:04]
Formula 409 [03:43]
Hello, I See You! [04:03]
It gets Hot [03:58]
It’s Horseshit! [03:39]
Jam it in the Hole [03:51]
Roulette [02:35]
Show Me What Your Lights Mean [02:51]

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